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Review: Batman: Li’l Gotham Chapter #23

Batman: Li'l Gotham Chapter #23Robin and Batman search for Robin's missing Turkey, and find him being held hostage by the Condiment King, whom they defeat before saving Jerry the Turkey.


So, wasn't it in the last podcast episode that Dustin mentioned DC revamping the Condiment King? Well, someone must have been listening, because VOILA! This just makes the chapter for me.


Other than that, this chapter felt a bit lackluster to me. While seeing someone like Condiment King take on Batman and Robin successfully, for the most part, it seems a bit like a wasted chapter not to have the other characters involved. For me this series is really all about the Bat Family and seeing them in a way the current books refuse to portray them. That Thanksgiving spread notwithstanding, which just didn't feel right because it involved nothing but the New-52 characters none of which have had the chance to develop their relationships like the pre-New-52 had.


And what seems a bit worrying, is the solicitation for next month's chapter which suggests that it will be the last chapter. Whether the last for the entire series, or the last for the year is unclear. If it is to be the last of the series then I will miss it more than I had even realized. This has been a wonderful series, and while we got two years worth of material I'm saddened to see we won't get more. Here's hoping the series comes back on a more regular basis without the holidays gimmic. I would love to see it as a regular full monthly. But the chances of that happening are low.


Batman: Li'l Gotham Chapter #23:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Derek Bown

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