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Review: Batman/Superman #7

I'm not going to go too long about this, because I was greatly dissapointed in this run, so far. This is the last time I will be reviewing this book, and I thank the Batman Universe for not making me cover it any longer.


Superman let's Batman (who is being controlled by the game players) deliver a death blow, so he can come into the game as a playable character. They then team up to take down Mongul, and they win. The most interesting part of this issue, (and probably this story arch) is the perspective of a woman who is having a rough time, needing to make a deposit into the bank. Because of the fighting going on around her, the bank is destroyed, and she blames Superman for this. Superman notices this, and afterwards, Clark shows up, and gives her a notice that the Wayne foundation has taken care of the payment, and made it on time. This was the only redeeming quality of this story, as it showed some nice character moments.


I hated the story to this, and the characterization for both characters were aweful. Batman was a complete jerk, and if a new reader came into this, they would have full reason to hate Batman. Superman has a good character beat as Clark, but as Superman, he's cocky, and unlikable. This is sad, because this isn't how I want to read these characters that have over 150 years combined. This isn't a book so much to do with Batman, and I really don't feel like it's a book about these characters working together. My suggestion is, if you want to read a book about Batman, you have plenty to choose from. If you want a great book about Superman, go check out Action Comics (Pak is doing the writing on that book too, but it is SOOO much better.) or check out Superman/Wonder Woman by Charles Soule.


Batman/Superman #7:


1 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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