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Batman Survived?

Batman Survived


I came across another interesting site the other day over on Tumblr. A writer/comic reader named Joel has set forth a challenge to read every Batman comic starting with Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and moving forward in time.


While you may think to yourself, that is what we do with Bat-Books for Beginners, it is very different. Joel is not reviewing books in continuity order, he is reviewing them in order of release. I am not sure if he will branch out to the other series like Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Batman: Shadow of the Bat, especially since they are only a couple of years away from where he is now, but so far he has reviewed everything from Batman #404-420.


Another plus of checking out his venture is that he is having a contest for a Mimobot Batman USB drive. You may have read my review of that recently and wanted to get one. Well, here is your opportunity. Head over to his site, Batman Survived and check out the details.


Just another Bat-Fan sharing his love for the character.


Posted by Dustin

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  • Jon Roke

    This is really impressive and I can imagine hard as well. Simply for some issues are really hard to get hold of :-D.
    aside from bbb is there a list of all the books released?