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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (2012)



Join Don, Joe, Melinda and Jon as they give their commentary for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1.



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  • Alex

    Great commentary as always guys. When I first saw the movie I was pretty underwhelmed, but still would have given it a 3/5. After listening to your commentary, I gave it another shot and liked it much better. I'd give it a 4/5, despite thinking Peter Weller's performance as Batman was lackluster. I wish they would have changed the art style for the film, just to freshen it up a bit for those who read the book. There were points where Batman looked way too ridiculously proportioned.   Batman Year One is still the best DC animated movie in my opinion, but that's because the comic was so good. However, I appreciate Under the Red Hood more, because they took the story from the comics and made it their own. It made it more interesting to watch.

  • Kevin

    i thounght that this movie was okay but the commentary was great. You guys were so funny. I can't wait for Part II