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NYCC: Killing Joke Adaptation Could Get R Rating

killing joke“Batman: Bad Blood” producer James Tucker revealed the animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke” has the potential to be rated R during a Friday night panel at New York Comic Con.


When asked about the shift from adaptations of comics to original features, Tucker said, “At first we were pretty much told that’s what we were going to do.” He mentioned that, of the three annual films, one tends to be an adaptation, with the next being “Killing Joke.” “They said we could make it an R” for “Killing Joke,” Tucker said, quickly adding, “[I’m] not saying that’s what it will be, but we’ll see.”


Following the panel, reports began to surface stating that he had announced the film would receive an R-rating. Tucker took to Twitter to clarify.


Never fails that I get misquoted at a con! I’m not directing “Killing Joke” and what rating it gets won’t be decided for a long time.


Batman: Bad Blood is set to release in early 2016 with Batman: The Killing Joke following later next year.

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