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New Batman Unlimited App Launches Today



StoryToys and Warner Bros. has announced that a new app featuring Batman Unlimited is now available. Batman Unlimited: Gotham City’s Most Wanted is available on iOS devices for $3.99. It is a unique puzzle storybook adventure.


Featuring content and storylines from Batman Unlimited animated shorts and made-for-video titles from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, and inspired by WBCP and Mattel’s popular Batman Unlimited merchandise line, Batman Unlimited: Gotham City’s Most Wanted App brings new original content and immerses children in the world of Gotham City as they read or listen to the story and take part in the action, completing challenges along the way. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are put to the test in this fast-paced detective adventure featuring DC Super Heroes, including The Flash, Green Arrow, Batgirl, Cyborg, Red Robin and more. The objective is to solve a series of unusual crimes that place Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Robin under suspicion. Gathering clues as the adventure progresses, players must clear the suspects’ names and help Batman track down the mastermind behind the crimes.


Over 40 interactive story pages and 10 interactive experiences:
• Fly above the streets of Gotham City
• Help Cyborg hack into a computer and track down the secret hideout
• Practice archery skills as Green Arrow sneaks into a heavily-guarded laboratory
• Direct The Flash through the streets of Gotham City as he gathers evidence at lightning speed
• Help Batman grill Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy and Silver Banshee in Arkham Asylum
• Burn rubber in the Batmobile in a high-speed chase across town


Check out some of the screenshot below along with the trailer.



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