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Latest Trailer for Batman v Superman Released

Tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ben Affleck was on the show to introduce the latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The latest trailer adds a number of new elements, but before getting into all of them, check out the trailer yourself.



The trailer shows the other villain in the film which appears to be Doomsday. It also showcases the conflict between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in the first portion of the trailer. Also new glimpses of Lois Lane, a direct mention to the Joker, and as mentioned, Doomsday.


So what do you think of the latest trailer? Has your quench for more been satisfied for now? Less then four months away. Leave your thoughts below.

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  • Bill Heuer

    Trailer was entertaining for sure. After stating that they would have a “no jokes” cinematic universe contrary to Marvel, DC/WB surprised me with the amount of humor they threw into the trailer. I’m not really complaining because the humor was delivered correctly in my opinion. I just hope that they don’t rush Doomsday’s arrival and make it feel forced into a last quick fight scene. Overall though, Cavill and Affleck look great and this looks like it could be the best comic book adaptation we’ve had of the characters in film. Fingers crossed.

  • I loved this new trailer! We basically know the general plot of the film now, which we didn’t get much of any of in the teaser and Comic-Con trailers. Also, I loved the way Wonder Woman makes her first entrance. Epic! And the shot with the whole Trinity was something probably all DC fans have been waiting to see on the big-screen forever.