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Snyder Reveals Wonder Woman at SDCC

The panel that most have been excited for has finally occurred. The Warner Bros. panel in Hall H kicked off the day at Comic Con International and leaving no room for the thousands of fans who packed into the hall, Zack Snyder was introduced to the crowd.


After teasing that most people normally have something to show at Comic Con and mentioning that they are still filming, he presented a short clip of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


The clip started off on a stormy night Batman is seen on a rooftop. He pulls back a tarp to reveal the Bat-Signal. He flips a switch and it shines into the sky. In the sky where the spotlight is shining, we see Superman hovering staring down at Batman. Superman’s eyes begin to glow red and we cut back to Batman who own eyes are glowing white. Batman clearly seems to be wearing an armored suit similar to The Dark Knight Returns and not the same one we have already seen. The clip then ends with the logo across the screen.


After the clip, Snyder said that they were filming last night, but he jumped on a plane with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. After they walk out on stage together, Snyder than says that they also brought Gal Gadot with. As she walks on the stage, the first image of Wonder Woman appears on the screens.



The three actors stand together on the stage for a brief moment, when Snyder says they have to get back to work and tells them to run the clip again.


While it was very brief, it was something that a lot of fans were looking forward to possibly happening since it wasn’t officially announced that they would have a presence.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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