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Marc Andreyko Talks Batwoman‏

Marc Andreyko, the new writer for Batwoman, talked about what he has planned for Kate in the coming future. He also talks about how he plans to integrate Batwoman into the Bat Family, how he plans to use the DEO, and how much he loves not only Williams and Blackman's New 52 Batwoman and Greg Rucka and Williams' original Batwoman run amongst other things.


Comic Book Resources: Marc, tell us a bit about where your run of "Batwoman" picks up in issue #25? What's the current status of Kate Kane and company when your first issue opens?


Marc Andreyko: Issue #25 is actually a "Zero Year" tie-in issue, so it deals with Kate returning home to Gotham due to an event that happens in Scott [Snyder’s] book that I can’t be more specific about. [The issue covers] her interaction and a shape of things to come look at Kate and seeing how the threads of her becoming Batwoman go back very, very far.


Comic Book Resources: Dan DiDio said during Baltimore Comic-Con that Batwoman is going to become an integral part of Batman's universe. As a writer, how do you approach taking a character that's operated somewhat on the periphery of the Bat-family and organically integrate her into that integral role?


Marc Andreyko: I think the organic part is inherent in the concept of the book; she's named "Batwoman," she lives in Gotham City, so I don't think there's going to be any sort of struggle to integrate her more fully in the Batman world. It's such a rich mine of storytelling gold to be able to interact with those characters and expand Batwoman's universe a little. From a writing standpoint, getting to write Bat-characters is like the actor's equivalent of getting to act with De Niro or Dustin Hoffman. These are the characters that have shaped the industry, so getting to play in that sandbox is going to be super fun.


Comic Book Resources: One of the major themes of the New 52 "Batwoman" series has been family. How does that element carry through into your run and how do you plan to evolve it as you continue to get comfortable with the title and characters?


Marc Andreyko: As people who read my run on "Manhunter" know, I really like big supporting casts. As a film fan and a writer, I'm a huge fan of the Robert Altman cast of thousands, because a fully-formed supporting cast only informs who your lead character really is. I like having big casts, and luckily, so far they've already established a nice-sized cast in "Batwoman" with Bette and Kate's dad and Maggie Sawyer and all the characters. Plus, the fact that she's related to Bruce Wayne opens that up even more, so it's going to be a lot of fun and I want to make this a very rich book where every character when they take the stage is interesting and compelling.


To read the entire interview, head on over to Comic Book Resources. Marc Andreyko's run on Batwoman starts with issue #25 which is set to hit the shelves on November 20th 2013.


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  • Stella

    I think this is a writer that we can trust. He did a great job on Manhunter and really dedicates himself to the character. Will it be the same as with Blackman/Williams, no, but I think we should be optimistic.