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New Batwoman Creative Team Announced


After the disappointing news a few days ago that  J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman would be leaving Batwoman, DC has now announced the new creative team of Marc Andreyko as writer and Jeremy Haun as artist for the book, which will begin with issue #25.


Andreyko has previously worked on the DC character Manhunter, (who was a Gotham City hero before the new 52) and Haun is just returning to DC again this month with a Villains Month one-shot issue before Batwoman #25. We'll find out soon if this new creative team can step into the shoes that J.H Williams III and W. Haden Blackman filled so well with their run on Batwoman.


For the full article on this annoucement, check out Newsarama. Batwoman #25 releases on November 20th.


Posted by Dane Haji

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