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Williams Talks About His Cancelled Plans For Batwoman

Batwoman #24Former Batwoman co-writer J.H. Williams III wrote a blog post to clear up some confusion over when his and co-writer W. Haden Blackman's last issue would be. There last issue will be issue #24 due out today but more importantly he laid out his plans for the conclusion to the current arc which won't get a conclusion, at least not in the way that he and Blackman wanted to end it, and his future plans for the character which are now defunct.


From J.H. Williams' Blog:


What saddens me about it is that our issue 26 two months from now would have ended in a place that would serve as an adequate end cap to our run in a lot of ways. We knew how we were going to wrap things by issue 26, and felt we would have done so in a satisfying manner, or so we hoped. There was SO much stuff going to happen, some crazy reveals, the reveal of Bones’ past, just how he connects to Kate and Beth Kane, and a confrontation with Jacob Kane and his Murder Of Crows. Batwoman having the final throw-down with Batman. We were going to give large plot points on how Beth became Alice. Bette Kane a.k.a. Hawkfire shocked and horrified by something Alice/Beth does during the rescue mission. Ultimately bring the entire family to some form of a beginning to heal, and how Maggie would fit into all of this. Chase, seeing the horrors of what Director Bones is doing, was going to cause her to make a radical decision that would forever change her life. This was all set up after altering a major plot point to suit DC’s needs. We would’ve been able to end our run at good spot for the next creative team. But that must only be happening in some parallel world. So the first 7 issues of this fourth arc will leave the story in a sort of limbo and not fully resolved, at least by us.


Batwoman #24, which will be Williams and Blackman's last issue, is available today.


Posted by Dane Haji

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