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Marc Andreyko Introduces Wolf Spider in Batwoman

Batwoman #27New writer of Batwoman, Marc Andreyko (writer of Manhunter), will be starting his run on Batwoman #26 introducing the Wolf Spider in his first arc. Andreyko explains how he will write his first arc with Comicosity's Matt Santori-Griffith in an interview, see below:


Comicosity: Marc, congratulations on the new series and for returning to the streets of Gotham! Kate’s been somewhat isolated from the extended Bat-Family to date. What do you see is Batwoman’s role in relation to the rest of the heroes that occupy Gotham City, and how do you plan to manifest those differences or connections?


Marc Andreyko: Thanks! I’m very excited to be handed the reins of such a great character and follow in the incredibly intimidating footsteps of the talented creators who have woven such a rich tapestry for Batwoman. Kate is very similar to Bruce in a lot of ways: shaped by tragedy, a strong sense of justice and helping those who can’t help themselves, duty, but the biggest difference is Bruce is more of a loner, isolated, and does not seem to need intimate relationships, whereas Kate would like nothing more than to have a soulmate. Kate wants to overcome her tragedies while Bruce’s seem to give him purpose.


Comicosity: A lot of Batwoman’s story so far has been embroiled in the telling of her history (up to and including her upcoming Zero Year crossover issue) as one would expect for a relatively newer hero, but her rogue’s gallery to date seems to be somewhat undefined. What can readers expect as you begin your run in terms of villains and other antagonists Batwoman will encounter?


Marc Andreyko: My first arc introduces a new, and major, rogue to Batwoman’s world: the Wolf Spider. His motivations aren’t the traditional “take over the world” or “psychopathic” ones that seem to power most bad guys. And I hope to introduce some classic villains who haven’t yet appeared in the New 52. So, it will be a mix of Gotham’s storied bad guys and some new blood.


According to this interview, Andreyko will be continuing the cliffhanger found in Batwoman #24 from Haden W. Blackman and J.H. Williams III's run in the Batwoman Annual coming out in April 2014. He has also stated that he will be utilizing Jake and Bette a lot throughout his run, and Bette will definitely be part of Batwoman's post-Zero Year storyline. You can read more of the interview by clicking here.


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