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Batwoman Creative Team Talk Future

Comic Book Resources has posted an interview in which they talk with three of the creators on Batwoman; J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman and Amy Reeder. Although a lot of the interview is similar to the one from a couple of days ago, there are some new revelations including who the Batman villain is that will be appearing in Batwoman.


Batwoman #6CBR: This next arc is presented from six different points of view. What can you tell us about the story, and what might readers expect or be surprised by?


JH Williams: I think some of the surprise might come from the way we're handling the six different points of view because we kind of mess with time a little bit. For example, each issue opens up and ends with this bookended scene that take place in the present day, but all the stuff in between follows each character we're going to focus on from a different point in the past, moving forward towards now as each issue comes out. So Jacob, his part of the story might start at a different point in time than say Maro's story does, or Maggie Sawyer's for that matter. Which I think presents some interesting challenges and kind of creates a nice fresh perspective on how to move these pieces forward for people.


W Haden Blackman: One of the things that I like about what we're able to do is, because we are going from six different points of view we had to focus on character arcs for each of those six characters and have them have a beginning, middle and end and show some growth there. I think with Jacob in particular, that's not a character we got to spend time with in arc one. I really feel like we're taking him to some dark and interesting places and there's some things that I think readers will learn about him and he kind of learns about himself as he goes through that will be surprising. And the other thing I'm really excited about it, we've talked a lot about creating a rogues gallery for Batwoman and we're definitely doing that, but we also aren't ignoring the fact that she's in Gotham. One of the characters that emerges and has a fairly large role in this arc is a familiar Gotham villain who we kind of get to reinvent and change along the way as well. So I'm excited to see people's reaction to how we're handling that villain and setting up stories for arc three and beyond as well.


CBR: JH, you've already said you're really excited to see the Gotham villain pop in. Amy and Haden, is there a specific part of "Batwoman" or this upcoming story you're really excited for fans to see or you think will surprise them?


Amy Reeder: I'm really excited for them to see Maro; I really think he is a really appropriate villain for this character. I think it's pretty ingenious.


W Haden Blackman: I'm really excited for Jacob and Killer Croc! Oh wait, am I not supposed to say that? [Laughter] Redacted!


JH Williams: Well, honestly I think it would be cool, I mean we're not telling what's going to happen, so…


W Haden Blackman: So when I say redacted that's a joke! [Laughter]


CBR: What can you say at this point? Is Killer Croc coming down the line?


W Haden Blackman: He's in the second issue.


JH Williams: He shows up in #7. His role will be an interesting one! [Laughs]


For the entire interview, including the future of Flamebird in the series, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batwoman #6 is in stores now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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