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Williams and Blackman to Leave Batwoman

Batwoman #24J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman have announced that they will be leaving the Batwoman monthly series over editorial disputes with DC Comicswith issue 26. In a post on his blog, Williams III goes on to say that Batwoman was a "dream project" for both writers, that they've always committed to the unofficial tagline "No Status Quo", and that DC, in the past few months, has asked the writers to alter or completely discard storylines in ways which they feel would compromise the character and the series while noting that all of these decisions came at the last minute after a year or more of planning.


Among the stories that the writers were asked to change or get rid of were Killer Croc's origin which they were told to get rid of, they were forced to change the ending to their current arc which according to Williams III would've "defined Batwoman's heroic future in bold new ways", but most importantly they were strictly told that they could not show Maggie and Kate getting married which we can only assume they were obviously building towards.


Batwoman #26 will be Williams III and Blackman's last issue of Batwoman which will release in December. There have been no announcements as to who will take their place. 


Posted by Dane Haji

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  • Stella

    This is really disappointing and this definitely comes as a loss. This is such a great creative team and again brings into question what DC's motives are.

  • albahan888

    Their motives seem to be anti-marriage because it 'limits story opportunities'… yeah ok… I'm really sick of hearing that. That started the whole mess that led to me not buying any more Marvel Comics and now I'm done with DC… thanks Didio I needed to cut down on my pull list.

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