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Batman Film on Schedule for 2018 per Affleck and Warner Bros.


There has been plenty of conflicting reports of when exactly Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film would release. We have learned over the past few months that the script is not finished and they are still polishing it. Deathstroke was revealed to be in the film as well played by Joe Manganiello, but one common bit that keeps popping up is Affleck stating that he will not work backwards on the film by not having the script complete before production begins.


That of course puts in doubt the 2018 release date that Warner Bros. has mentioned a number of times including yet another mention today in an interview with Greg Silverman over at Deadline in discussing the state of the studio as he steps down from his role as studio head to go start up an independent company.


But as it turns out, the script must be in better shape than a few months ago when Affleck was promoting The Accountant and stated that they were not ready yet. While speaking about his upcoming directorial/acting role in Live by Night with Variety, Ben Affleck had more of an upbeat tone to his reply on the status of the Batman project. ,“We’re on the right track with that and everything is coming together.” It appears that the rumored Spring 2017 production start date isn’t as far-fetched as he would have had us believe a few months back.


In the meantime, The LEGO Batman Movie should be able to tide you over until 2018.

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