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The Latest Ben Affleck Rumor Roundup

Justice League is now officially in theaters and as the credits rolled and I was left with one lingering, non-CGI Superman lip-related, question: Are we going to see Ben Affleck suit up as Batman again? If you recall back in August we did a breakdown the rumors surrounding a potential Batfleck-less DC cinematic universe. Now, three months later, we’re still knee deep in Batfleck gossip. So let’s dive in, shall we?


In an Interview with USA Today, published on November 13, Ben Affleck says the solo Bat-film is “something I’m contemplating, you don’t do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it.” Affleck is aware of the cultural impact of the character and movie, saying “This is the one movie people have really been asking me about as I just go through my life.”


Adding to the muddy waters was a comment made by producer Charles Roven to ABC News published the same day as the article with Affleck’s comments, in which he says “From everything I know, he’s going to play that Batman. They’re retooling the script, so I can’t really say anything for certain.”


So if Affleck is really finding his out, who can we expect to replace him?


On November 16, Collider’s John Campea said in his show that two sources have told him that “Batman” director Matt Reeves is looking at Jack Gyllenhaal as a potential replacement for Affleck. He also mentions that Ben Affleck is “done, not a question, done” with playing the Dark Knight. You may recall Gyllenhaal was floated as a potential Spider-Man replacement during production of Sam Raimi’s trilogy of films.


So that’s where we’re at amidst the ground zero of the Justice League release. Still no closer to a definitive answer for if Ben Affleck will continue as Batman or if a new actor will step into the role. What do think will happen? Do you think it makes sense for a new actor to take the role? Or should Affleck stick around as long as he can?

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