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Review: Beware the Batman #3

Batman puts Katana through a swim test (which she fails in part because Batman cut her regulator) to prepare for salvage operation to retrieve a gun shipment in the Atlantic Ocean that Whale was forced to abandon two months ago during a battle with Batman recalled in a brief flashback.   Batman alerts Commissioner Gordon of the operation in advance and puts a sting operation in place, and sabotages his communicator so his call can't be traced.  Underwater and in scuba gear, Batman is ready to intercept Tobias Whale while he dives for the shipment; aided by Alfred, taking a canoe from his bigger boat (named "Old Chum – nice touch) and by Katana who ultimately cuts Whale's regulator; as he's getting the better of Batman . 


Pretty standard fare for a book aimed at kids.  The story and the villain's motive were pretty simple.  The reader is given no background as to Whale's origin or background; and the most menacing part of Whale in the comic is the image on the cover; an oversized Whale trying to swallow Batman.   The artwork was a bit better than the writing; espcially the colors and tints.   This isn't a bad book, but I wonder if its' intended audience would even find this interesting.  From what I recall of comics based on all of the previous incarnations of animated Batman series, most of the stories (aimed at kids, but still having something for grownups) tended to have a bit more substance than found here so far.


A little tidbit, Tobias Whale's very first appearance was back in Black Lightning #1 back in 1977 and his original base of operations was Metropolis.


Beware the Batman #3:


2 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Chris Karnes

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