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Review: Beware the Batman: Broken

Our fifth adventure with Beware the Batman opens with the discovery of a large toy soldier in Gotham. It is reveled shortly thereafter that the toy soldier’s gun works and will fire at people and that there is a man is trapped inside of the toy soldier. As Gordon and the police assess how to get the hostage out, Batman arrives and scans the statue, revealing that it is a bomb. Any attempt to break open the statue will result in a deadly explosion.


As more people go missing and more explosive statues are discovered, Batman’s investigation reveals that these activities are related to an old case of Gordon’s, relating to organized crime boss, Tobias Whale. Humphrey Dumpler was Whale’s accountant who was to testify against Whale, before being attacked. The attack left Dumpler crazy, and he soon escaped his protective custody. It is clear that all involved are a target. After Whale goes missing, Batman warns Gordon that he is next. Ignoring Gordon’s insistence he does not need protection, Batman stakes out Gordon’s house. While he was fighting more of the gun-firing explosive toy soldier’s, “Humpty Dumpty” kidnaps Gordon, leaving Batman to track down Humpty Dumpty in order to save Gordon and Tobias Whale.


Meanwhile, Katana is searching Wayne Manor, looking for “her keys” (as she tells Alfred). After not finding it anywhere, she confesses that she was not looking for her keys. Alfred explains that he knows what she is looking for. He takes her into his room, where he reveals her lost item, the Soultaker’s Sword. Katana reveals she used to work for the CIA and had been working undercover with the League of Assassins to find international criminal, Ra’s al Ghul. There she discovered the legendary sword existed. She stole it and went into hiding.


Overall, this was a lack luster episode. There were no dramatic fight sequences (something you kind of really need in a Batman show). The villain was kind of dumb. Humpty Dumpty is a nursery rhyme character. Who is scared by that? The back story on Katana is interesting, but one flaw noticeable there is that she is supposedly a former CIA agent. If she was a CIA agent, would that not make her American? If she is American, why does she have an accent. Overall, this episode was very “Blah.”


Beware the Batman: Browen:


2 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Alex Hey

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