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Review: Beware the Batman: Darkness

Editor’s Note: This is the third episode of Beware the Batman that was not previously aired during it’s original run on Cartoon Network late last year. No official screens or videos have been released by WB for the remaining episodes.

Episode 14 of Beware the Batman, picks up where Episode 13’s cliff-hanger left off. Gotham City is in darkness. The League of Assassins has control of the Ion Cortex and has captured Batman, and Katana is upset with Alfred for leaving Batman behind. This action-packed episode holds even more drama with many more twists and turns.

Ra’s al Ghul is just getting started with his grand plan. With complete control over the city’s power he is able broadcast a message city-wide declaring that Gotham is his and that their city is to be reborn through darkness. He explains to his captive, Batman, that he plans to do this with every city in the world and thus make every person in the world a slave to his will. Furthermore, he has a teleconference with the Mayor, Governor, and Police Commissioner declaring that he will turn the lights back on if he is allowed to freely use Gotham as his headquarters for implementing his grand plan and he also offers Gotham his “protection.”

Lieutenant Gordon leaves his home and takes his daughter to GCPD Headquarters for safety. While there, he learns from Katana that the Ion Cortex can be hacked and shut down. Further complicating matters, the Ghosts from the Cauldron are using the darkness as an opportunity to cause mayhem all over the city. It becomes his task to find someone to go in the mobile command center and get close enough to the Ion Cortex to get access to it and stop the Ghosts. Unable to find someone willing to take the mobile command center and shut down the cortex, he is strong armed by his daughter, Barbara, to let her do it. Together they must travel across the city, avoid the Ghosts, and reach their target.

Batman is thrown in a cell. After rejecting Ra’s offer to join him, he discovers that he is in a cell with Silver Monkey. Unable to break out on his own, he convinces Silver Monkey to help him. After breaking out, they go their separate ways, but honor later leads Silver Monkey to return to help Batman get out safely. Once out, Batman tries to contact Katana, but instead he receives a distress signal from the Gordons.

After informing Gordon of what needs to be done, Katana and Alfred head back to the cave on a mission to retrieve Batman. If unsuccessful they plan to blow up the cave, the Ion Cortex, the League of Assassins, and themselves. However, as they enter the cave, they don’t realize Batman is using another exit to break free. Further complicating matters is that Ra’s al Ghul has gotten Katana to suspect Alfred killed her father years earlier. Alfred says that Ra’s is lying, but Katana lets it affect her.

This episode has so much happening, it is hard to believe it is only a half-hour show. Jam-packed with action and plot-twists, this episode keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, unable to focus on any details that might hinder enjoyment. However, there are a few things to point out. The writers really push the envelope for a children’s show, with another soul falling victim to the Soultaker’s Sword and at least one character’s death. However, Ra’s al Ghul is not as menacing as one would like. His voice could be more frightening. Lastly, Barbara Gordon has a great episode and is not annoying as she previously has been, but despite her boldness and maturity, her voice and appearance do not match her personality and age. She sounds and looks like she is no more than 12, but she is clearly meant to be at least high-school age.

Despite minor faults, this is a solid episode, and this series finally looks as if it is on the right track.

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