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Review: Black Canary #3

Black canaryThere are times, at this point, where I look back on my review of issue one and go, “…it wasn’t that good.” And I truly hate that about first issues. You really have no idea where they are going from there and it makes it that much harder to critique. Because really, you don’t want to bash it for something it’s not trying to accomplish. Black Canary hasn’t done that. It’s maintained its consistency of awesomeness. Brenden Fletcher keeps the story intriguing, Annie Wu tells an amazing/fun/engaging story, and Lee Loughridge adds a vibrancy that adds life to these characters.


Now, I’ve played guitar since I was eleven years old. I was in a garage band when I was in high school. Being in a band is hard. Keeping the band together is even more difficult, especially when various people are in them for different reasons. So I see things in this comic that I can relate to, at times… Or at least understand. When that happens, you form an attachment to a character, and that is why I’m digging Dinah more now than I ever have before. This is a comic that years from now, when I hear someone trash Black Canary, I will tell them to read this book, and get back with me later to see if their mind has changed. This books, in only three issues, become one of my favorite things to read each month.


Spoilers ahead:


So, for the sake of making my job easier, I’m going to sort this in chronological order. We drop in on Dinah, as she lets out her canary cry, while on the top of the band’s rig, and takes down a helicopter full of agents dressed similar to Kurt from the last issue. Annie Wu takes control from here. Having an awesome fight scene with the agents. Dinah takes one of the bikes, and is trying to catch back up to the rig, but another bike isn’t far behind. Before he can make his move, Paloma shoots his tire out, potentially saving Dinah. And then, we get use of some musical Latin words to help control the pacing along with Wu’s art.


The rest of the band had an agent climb aboard, but they were able to take him out and tie him in the back. But the Venom-like goo also finds its way back there, and attaches itself to the agent. Dinah boards Kurt’s truck and gets some answers from him. He’s trying to take Ditto to save her from the other creatures from her world, who will kill to get her. Dinah agrees to work with him, and they board their rig just in time, as Paloma has just ran out of bullets – which didn’t seem to hurt the creature – and Dinah lets out another canary cry, which blows the back of their tour bus away.


Dinah introduces the band to Kurt, and they arrive to the gig, with 5 minutes to spare. They rush out, get everything set up, and play a kick-butt show in Keystone City… Without actually having to stop and kick any butt, which is a first. Kurt approaches Dinah after the show, and they talk. He explains that the government wants Ditto back. That Dinah, as well as the others on Team 7, got their powers from Ditto. That’s how Dinah got her scream. During this, however, Meave was eavesdropping. Kurt trusts Dinah with Ditto, though. Even though he’s lost his memories, he’s watched the tapes. He knows what kind of person she was and how he felt about her. Byron runs in screaming, telling them that Ditto’s gone. Wonder who took her? Meave!?


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  • Ryan Blair

    Really liked this issue too! Been loving Black Canary since it started…definitely a different focus but I’m liking where this series is headed
    I too am wondering who has taken Ditto (btw every time I hear the name I think of the Pokemon of the same name lol)…I’m thinking that Kurt might not be being too truthful, however I’m hoping we get an awesome new big bad from BC to beat up lol
    Great review!

    • Corbin Pool

      I hope Kurt doesn’t backstab the group. I like his addition to the book. He’s an interesting character, and add a nice POV for us, as the reader since he’s been mind-wiped, so we get to learn along with him. Also, I think of Pokémon too. Lol!

  • Gerry Green

    I’m really loving this book too Corbin. The story is interesting so far, though I think Ditto doesnt’ need the bands protection as much as they think. Might be more powerful than anyone realizes.

    The drawing and coloring are gorgeous. The one nit I have about the art is that it doesn’t always feel like the same Dinah as in Birds of Prey, which I really really liked. However, everything is working on this book and it is probably in my top 5 comics right now.

    • Corbin Pool

      I could easily see that as being the case with Ditto. With the difference in character… I’m okay with it. I tried several times, even reviewing an issue or two of the most recent Birds of Prey run, and it just wasn’t for me. Glad you are able to get into both, though! Being adaptable is awesome!

  • Mary

    Corbin, I’m really liking this book too. One of my favorite parts is the “Burnside Tofu” reports that tell us about the band and its members. What mysterious force is behind their record label/tour? I’m betting it’s some company we know of but didn’t realized had a recording label. The last act of Wayne Enterprises, perhaps? Not that he would remember, but that is something I could see Bruce doing as a way to keep Ditto safe. Keep her on the road with a band that has Black Canary as a lead singer, despite her not having any musical experience.

    • Corbin Pool

      Wow…. You just blew my mind! I didn’t even think about that. Keeping everything close to the vest like that isn’t necessary for DC to do, but it could definitely be an interesting twist. And I 100% agree, Tofu is a fun addition to the comic each issue. Heck, I’d read a whole issue of Tofu.

    • Gerry Green

      What a fun thought Mary. I like it!