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Blackman and Williams Talk Batwoman with IGN

Batwoman has in one way or another been the book that escapes the grasps of the fans of The Batman Universe for quite some time. The character first made a reappearance in 2006 in a very different form than the Silver Age version. Since then talk has always been about her having her own series only for it to be delayed or shelved. This week Batwoman #1 finally hits stores. Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III talked with IGN about some of the things we can expect in this much-anticipated series.


Batwoman #1IGN: This series has been on reader radar for a quite a while – since it was pushed back to be included as one of the New 52, have your original plans for the series changed at all?


Haden Blackman: Not really. We already had scripts up through issue 8 or 9 written and approved, Jim was wrapping up art for issue 3, and Amy was finishing up issue 6 by the time the New 52 became official, so we've really just kept plugging ahead. There was only one scene in the first arc that we had to alter at all to reflect the new state of the DCU. I think it's important that we've stuck to our original plan because each arc is meant to feed into the next. Everything that happens in arc 1 leads directly to the storylines and central conflicts in arc 2, and arc 3 is a direct result of everything in arc 2.


J.H. Williams III: Fortunately we were able to fit in quite nicely due to the fact so much work had already been done. The entire first arc was written already, and we were working scripts for the second, issue 8 or 9, when we got word that this was happening. Art on arc 1 was over half complete by then too. With the way the story was designed, for it to fold into each arc, we really had to plan ahead a good distance. At the time of DC letting everyone know what was happening, we had already set things in motion that will lead to arc three, and Amy was already doing work for arc 2. So I think DC felt it prudent to not scrap all we've done, and rolled Batwoman's story into the new world status. We really only had to rewrite dialogue for a couple scenes and alter art in some spots, very minor things to adjust overall.


As example, in issue #2, there is a spread showing a pantheon of Bat-Heroes as a backdrop, this had to change a little bit and we use an effect that sort of calls out Flashpoint in a vague but effective way, or so I hope. It was simple art tweaks like this that make the difference, along with a major dialogue rewrite on one scene.


IGN: In terms of supporting cast, what should fans expect? Is Kathy's father still serving as her behind-the-scenes guy?


Haden Blackman: The supporting cast isn't huge, but hopefully it's well-developed. It's a mix of existing relationships and new relationships, but again, every relationship will evolve over time. We've already hinted at several characters who will be appearing, including Maggie Sawyer, Bette Kane, Cameron Chase, and Kate's father, Jacob. As revealed in Batwoman #0, Kate and her father Jacob are estranged after the events in Elegy. Kate felt betrayed by her father, who seemingly knew that her sister was still alive but never told her.


We felt that reconciling from this type of betrayal would take a long time, if it could happen at all – there's no way she just accepts it immediately and they move on as if nothing ever happened. But the state of her relationship with Jacob will force her to grow – both as Batwoman, who now has to succeed without her Jacob's help, and as Kate, who has to deal with her conflicting feelings for her father.


J.H. Williams III: The supporting cast is going to grow, but not too much, we've got a lot of story to tell. But we've added some familiar faces and a good variety of personalities to play off of as the series rolls on. At this point in Kate's life after what she has been through, and having been lied to by her father for most of her adult life about Beth having lived. We're not sure if they will be able to get past this or not. This is something that will be explored over time, and causes some interesting things to take place. It creates very emotional dynamics for Kate relationships, and will pull on her, test her sense of loyalty as other things happen and worm their way into her life.


For the entire interview, including talk about some of the villains Batwoman will be dealing with, head over to IGN. Batwoman #1 hits stores this Wednesday, September 14.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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