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BTBTB and YJ Delayed, Again

The World's Finest has learned via Cartoon Network that both new episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Young Justice are once again delayed.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold was set to have a new episode air on May 20, only to have the date changed a couple of days later to May 27. That episode was promoted by DC Comics as well, but it looks like the episode, featuring Green Lantern, may be being held for a closer air date to Warner Bros.'s Green Lantern film which hits next month.


Young Justice which was also set to have a new episode air on June 3, is also delayed. A rerun will air instead.


With no clear information as to why these series continue to be delayed, one is left wondering when we will ever see these characters in new episodes.


The Batman: Brave and the Bold episode was also promoted on TVGuide.com which also featured a exclusive clip of Batman teaming with Wonder Woman. Guess all the hype will have to wait awhile longer.



Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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