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BTBTB: Jelenic Talks Series Future and New Batman Series

Newsarama has posted a video interview with Michael Jelenic. Jelenic is one of the writers and producers for Batman: The Brave and the Bold. While his current project is Superman/Shazam: The Curse of Black Adam, Jelenic provided a few details about the remaining episodes left for the series as well as a mention of the next Batman TV series.


Batman: The Brave and the Bold has at least another twenty-six episodes left to air. The show was not cancelled, they just decided to stop production.
Jelenic mentioned that the magic number of episodes is sixty-two. This contradicts a previous report of the show ending with fifty-six episodes. He later said that the magic number could be fifty-two or sixty-five.


The show is ending to make way for the new Batman TV series, which will CG and have a much darker tone than Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
The last thirteen episodes, which probably won't air for another year, were described as crazy. They decided to things that they wanted to do earlier, but were too worried about the reactions that the episodes would have. The final episodes, hey do what they want.


An upcoming teaser was described with the heroes playing the villains in a baseball game.


Superman will appear on the show before it ends and references to the Super-dickery covers will most likely be made.


For the entire interview, head over to Newsarama. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is currently airing new episodes on Cartoon Network on Friday nights.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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