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C2E2 2015: TBU Comic Round-up



C2E2 took place this weekend. TBU was in attendance and here is the round-up of everything that occurred related to comics in The Batman Universe.


Even though DC is moving across the country currently, there were a couple of panels that featured some of the creators behind projects from TBU. While DC was not moderating the panels, a number of the creators talked about their upcoming June projects , along with answering some questions from fans.


First up on Friday, was a panel that dealt with the New DC Universe. In attendance from the Batman Universe was writer James Tynion, “Catwoman” writer Genevieve Valentine, “Harley Quinn” co-writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and “We Are Robin” artist Khary Randolph. Some of the highlights from the panel included:


  • Harley Quinn #17 will begin to focus more on Harley being a doctor and less on being a psychopath.
  • A forgotten villain from the 1970’s called Captain Strong will be featured in #17-18.
  • For the Starfire series, a whole new cast of supporting characters will round out the title along with someone from her past returning in issue #3.
  • We Are Robin focuses on Duke Thomas who is inducted into the Robin gang in a violent manner.
  • Catwoman will be back in the costume come June and be dealing with the dual life of mob boss by day and costumed avenger by night. That will eventually put her head to head with Spoiler.
  • Tynion and Valentine both stated that the approach for the Batman line according to Mark Doyle is to make the entire world of Gotham more elastic so different types of stories could be told next to each other.
  • Brian Azzarello appeared at the very end to mention the newly announced The Dark Knight Returns series.


Also on Friday was a spotlight panel for Scott Snyder. Snyder discussed multiple thing regarding the Batman: Endgame storyline and what is coming in June.


  • Snyder and Capullo have not always seen eye to eye as when they first worked together on Batman #1 they argued with each other on how to go about telling the story. DC eventually had them call a truce and they became friends after Snyder saw the work that Capullo was turning in.
  • He admitted that DC has asked him to change multiple things in his Batman stories and he used to threaten to rip up his contract and go work for Marvel. He stated that this worked and he normally got his way, but fights about things much less than earlier in his run.
  • Snyder mentioned that Batman #50 will be releasing right around the same time as Batman v Superman and stated that the status quo of Bruce returning as Batman is bound to happen.


Saturday saw Snyder take the stage again this time with James Tynion, Brian Buccellato and Ray Fawkes to talk about the Bat-Books.


  • Buccellato showed off a new cover for Detective Comics and discussed that the book would include more Harvey Bullock and introduce Renee Montoya.
  • Snyder mentioned that the gun that the new Robo-Bat carries shoots batarangs.
  • There is also a new batsuit that is under the robo suit that is a completely new design as well.
  • There was a brief mention of Batman Eternal Volume 2, but nothing that hasn’t already been said.
  • Dick Grayson will have a major role to play in the Bat-family at some point in the future.
  • One of the upcoming stories in Batman will deal with the class conflicts between billionaires and the mostly poor people they go against.
  • Cassandra Cain was brought up and while everyone remained quiet on the subject, Tynion said that they have a plan similar to the way they introduced Stephanie Brown back into the line.


The final panel occurred earlier today and focused on Young Gotham. The creators involved were writer Brendan Fletcher, “Batgirl” artist Babs Tarr, “Grayson” co-writer Tim Seeley, “Catwoman” writer Genevieve Valentine and “Robin, Son of Batman” writer/artist Pat Gleason.


  • After the last six months of rebuilding Barbara’s life in Batgirl, the character is ready to have some fun. But the Robo-Bat might be putting a wrench in that plan.
  • Livewire, from Superman: The Animated Series, will debut in issue #42.
  • Batgirl will be dealing with Helena Bertinelli and Spyral as Dick Grayson lurks in the shadows.
  • There is also a plan to have Batgirl come in contact with Gotham Academy.
  • Gotham Academy #7 has Damian and Maps going head to head.
  • Grayson will see Helena at the head of Spyral and puts Dick Grayson on a mission that leads to direct contact with Lex Luthor.
  • Damian will be paired with a character called Goliath who may or may not be a Man-Bat.
  • Valentine hinted that there are plans to address Killer Croc as Selina’s bodyguard in the series eventually.
  • Fletcher stated that the Black Canary series is a female version of Hard Traveling Heroes, the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow story.


And that wraps up everything from C2E2. While DC did not have a booth or much of a presence at this year’s convention, the creators really carried the flag for the company with all of the discussions regarding the upcoming stories.

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