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C2E2: Day One Roundup

Alright, so as some may know, I recently moved back to where I grew up, Chicago. Well, this week marks the first convention on a major scale in the city. I attended today and will be attending all weekend. I have to say that I am really pleased with what I have seen so far.


While not be as big as San Diego Comic Con, it has the potential to be much larger. The exhibit hall was very large and spacious. I mention the latter since at SDCC, in order to move around, you really have to some times get to know the person you are standing next to. There was plenty of space throughout the entire convention hall. The DC Nation panel was held in a room that could be compared to half of the size as Hall H at SDCC. Plenty of room.


I keep mentioning plenty of room because it did not feel cramped at all. Even thought this convention is not in the dead of summer it is still being pretty well attended. There were plenty of people scoping out deals with the vendors and getting sketches from their favorite artists.


DC turned out big to push the con, as they had their own booth to the extent of what we would see at SDCC. Not as spread out, but all of the contents was the same. Plenty of free swag from DC as well. (Some will be making it to the Quiz show prize package.)


On a personal note,  came across the Joker and Man-Bat figures from the DC Universe Classics line that were exclusive to Wal-Mart for a reasonable price. I also got sketches from Tony Daniel and Dustin Ngyuen. I secured some future interviews for the show and expect to land some more tomorrow.


Speaking of Dustin Ngyuen, he loves to let news slip. Remember when we first interviewed him back last year in April. He mentioned that we should really push the fans for DC to get him a Black and White statue. Well, it turns out that at SDCC this year, his statue will be revealed. He said it is already in production. Also without giving too much details, we have not seen the end of his Little Gotham characters. Hopefully more on that tomorrow after the Batman panel.


Well, a lot happened and even more will happen tomorrow. So I am off to bed to try and get rested for another awesome day in Chicago.


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