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C2E2: DC Comics: The New 52 Panel

DC Comics The New 52


The other DC Comics panel has happened and again their are a few bits related to The Batman Universe. Attending the panel was moderated by Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne, as well as DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, Geoff Johns, Editorial Director Bobbie Chase, Scott Snyder, Chris Burnham, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Daniel, Gail Simone and Kyle Higgins.


-Simone stated that Batgirl will put past behind her and moves on with her life.
-Nightfall will be the name of a new Batgirl villain and Simone stated that it will be her main nemesis.
-In Nightwing it will be revealed how the Grayson name changed from Cobb.
-All-Star Western will continue to have references to the Court of Owls and the Crime Bible.
-Dick will not be returning to Bludhaven or heading out of Gotham any time soon.
-There have been talks on how to bring Azrael back.
-Harper will be featured more in Batman #12.
-Batman Incorporated #2 will feature Talia's life story.
-Sonia Zucco will be coming back in Nightwing.


If there is more news C2E2, stay tuned to The Batman Universe.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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