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Call for Help: NYCC



New York Comic Con is just around the corner. We are hoping to cover everything related to The Batman Universe straight from the convention. Although I myself will not be able to attend, our very own Steve J. Rogers will be attending and we are looking for a few more Bat-fans to help us cover all the bat-panels and events. The convention is October 13-16, but the panels have been announced and we will be covering the following.


Friday, October 14:

12:15-1:15PM Batman: Arkham City

1:00-2:00PM Will Eisner's The Spirit and Bob Kane's The Batman

1:15-2:15PM DC ALL ACCESS: Batman

3:00-4:00PM DC Universe Animated Original Movies gives an early look at Batman: Year One, Catwoman & Justice League: Doom

7:30-8:30PM Mark Hamill Spotlight


Saturday, October 15:

12:00-1:00PM DC ALL ACCESS: Justice League

2:30-3:30PM DC ALL ACCESS: The Edge/ The Dark


Sunday, October 16:
2:45-3:45PM DC ALL ACCESS: Meet the Publishers

3:45-4:45PM DC ALL ACCESS: Young Justice


That may not seem like a lot compared to San Diego, but it is much more than one normal man can cover on his own. So if you are heading to New York for the convention and would like to help report some of the news coming out of New York Comic Con, shoot us an email at tbu@thebatmanuniverse.net or if you have questions, leave them in the section below.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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