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Call for Podcast Co-Hosts

It is that time of the year again and we are calling for podcast co-hosts. We do this around the same time every year and we have added to our staff. In 2008, we added Josh, Nick, and Savannah. In 2009, Zach joined. Others have joined and have moved on.


We are looking for dedicated Bat-fans to join one of the most popular Batman websites on the net. Being a podcast host means more than just sharing your opinion on the podcast. Our hosts make regular posts on the editorials section and contribute thoughts for the advancement of the website and podcasts.


We are looking for people for both podcasts. The recording schedule is different for both. The comic cast normally records on weeknights every two weeks. The normal casts are normally recorded on the first Sunday of the month in the afternoon. All of the times go off of Central Standard Time. We can try to accommodate for our friends overseas, but it sometimes is difficult.


What do you have to have to gain from all of this? Well, obviously this is not a paid position. We get review copies of things from time to time, that may fall into your lap. On top of that we are going to be attending all three major conventions this year and you would get first call for press passes. If you go to one of the conventions, we cover everything related to Batman and meet people that you would never probably meet. let me give you some examples; Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Jim Lee, and Diedrich Bader just to name a few. The best thing is the friends you make. All of the staff are very close and genuinely know each other.


So if you are interested here are the requirements:

*You have to have a good knowledge base when it comes to Batman. (Obviously) You don't need to follow the comics if you are trying for the normal cast and vice versa, but it helps.

*Must have a Skype account.

*Download Audacity.

*Record a audition tape that is at least three minute long but no longer than five minutes. Tell us about yourself, your history with Batman, and your history of the site and podcast. In other words, how long have you been visiting the site and listening to the podcasts.


Some other things that will help your chances is if you have any knowledge of audio editing, website development, or design in general. Things are always changing and it is good to have knowledgeable people around. We will be excepting audition tapes through the holidays with the hope to find some great new additions to the staff for 2011.


Think of this as venturing into a new hobby. Well, a hobby that takes up some time. So if you are interested, email me at tbu@thebatmanuniverse.net and I will answer any questions you may have. I will also give you directions on how to get us your audition tape. Just as we said last year this coming year is going to be a big year for Batman; The Dark Knight Rises will be in full swing, Batman: Arkham City will be releasing, the new animated Batman show will be getting more coverage, Young Justice will be airing, and the comic world will be taken by storm yet again by all of the Bat-Book creators. Join up for a memorable experience.


Posted by Dustin

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