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Call for Reviewers

So it is that time, when I come on here, step up on my soapbox, and ask for help. SteveJRogers has been covering a number of books for the past few months, but has had to scale back on doing reviews. He will continue to post the DC Digital Releases for the week, but won't be able to maintain his reviews for an undetermined time. In addition to his comics, we are still looking for some other people to cover some books. So I figured I would go through and go over the books we would like covered and maybe one will grab your attention.


Must-Have Bat-Books:


Batman: Odyssey


Batman Beyond

Batman and Robin

Batman Confidential

Knight and Squire


Detective Comics

Batman: Streets of Gotham

Gotham City Sirens


Group Titles


Secret Six


Justice League of America


Family Titles

These could be reviewed from a child's perspective too, for those who have kids and want them to get on reviewing comics like their parents.


The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Tiny Titans



We are also looking for people to review one-shots, future mini-series, and trade paperbacks. The idea is that we want to cover everything that is available so that anyone reading this will get an idea of what is out in comic shops.


Reviews can be very simple. You can go about reviewing any of these titles in one of three ways. You can do the traditional written review and send it in. You can review a comic in an audio recording and send the mp3 file to us. You can also film your review and post it on YouTube and then send us the link for the video. Remember everyone who comes to the site looks at the editorials second to only the podcast. If you are an inspiring writer or just want to have some of your work published on a site, this is the way to do it.


Also in addition to the comic reviews, we are also looking for a couple of reviewers for some other items. Merchandise is a big thing and there is always new stuff coming out. This would include all of the DC Direct items and the action figures from Mattel. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is still airing new episodes and Young Justice will be starting up as well. There are also all of the previous incarnations of Batman on TV as well.


So to make a long story short, please contribute to the blog. I know you are reading this. Just think how cool it would be to brag that your reviews are posted on the web.


Posted by Dustin

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  • Recordskips

    I pick up Batman and Robin, Batman, and Streets of Gotham if you need those reviewed.

  • Hi Dustin. I am a big comics fan (and recovering English major) and I’ve been wanting to do more work writing about comics. If you would like, I am a regular reader of Detective Comics, Batwoman, and Streets of Gotham and I wouldn’t mind reviewing them. I could also be convinced to look back at Gotham City Sirens if you really wanted. My only caveate is that I have a day job, so any reviews won’t be finished until the night after comics come out at the earliest (ie usually Wednesday night). Please email me soon if you’d like me to start tomorrow, Batwoman #0 awaits!