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Call for Staff

It is once again that time of the year, where I make a post about seeking new staff for the site. We are always looking for staff on the website, but specifically in the next month or two we will be expanding and requiring more staff.


We have been working on a rather large update to the site to streamline everything much better to prepare for the large future Batman projects including Batman: Arkham City, The Dark Knight Rises and San Diego Comic Con. But with the expansion and updating we are looking for some friendly and reliable people to come aboard.


We are always looking for people to review comics and anything else related to Batman. We currently have a great bunch of reviewers, but it would be too much to ask of them to review every title we assume under The Batman Universe umbrella. There are tons of books that we still need reviewed every week.


In addition to that we are also looking for people interested in the DC Universe to help support the new DC Universe Spotlight. We are looking for articles to be written about big events for the other characters in the DC Universe.


But besides that, we are always open to the possibility of new co-hosts or ideas for the podcasts as well. With the expansion, we will be focusing a lot of time on our main attractions and be putting a lot of work into those as well.


We are also looking for people with any of the following random talents: graphic design, video editing, audio editing, web developing, writing, drawing, event covering and marketing. If you have any of those talents we are looking for you.


While, it may seem like we are looking for everything, we kind of are. Although we have a great staff, life happens and some people have to move on and can no longer dedicate as much time to the site as we would hope. But that is how it works. We continue to be as good as a site based on those who volunteer there services. A lot of really cool things are coming up for The Batman Unvierse and wouldn't you want to be along for the ride?


If you are interested, email us at tbu@thebatmanuniverse.net with what you are interested in or your talent you could lend to The Batman Universe.


Posted by Dustin

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