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Capullo Speaks on Relaunching Batman

When it was announced that Scott Snyder would be moving over to Batman from Detective Comics in September as part of the relaunch, most fans were content with knowing that Snyder would still be telling stories in the Batman Universe. When Greg Capullo was announced as the artist, even more excitement was now linked with the relaunch of Batman. A number of images have made their way online straight from Capullo on his work that will be featured starting in September. Today, Comic Book Resources posted an interview with the creator on a number of things relating to his future Batman Universe work. Here are the highlights.


Batman #1CBR: While you have longstanding ties and a history at Image Comics, as of September, you're going to be known as the artist on "Batman" for DC Comics. How did you get involved with the book — did DC approach you or vice versa?


Greg Capullo: I forgot which came first, if they initially gave me a jingle in the email or if I put the word out that I wanted to go back into mainstream for a bit. Either way, it happened when I was talking to Bob Harras who was my editor on "X-Force" back in the day at Marvel. He straight off the bat mentioned "Batman" — and maybe some "Superman" in there — but either way, it was "Batman." As I continued to talk to DC, it became more zeroed in on, "This is the project we want you to do." It's Batman, so how do you really say no?


CBR: What has it been like working with Scott Snyder?


Greg Capullo: It's cool; Scott's a really super, super, super nice guy. He was a little apprehensive coming in, because I like to do the directing and the wave of writers these days pretty much go, "Draw this, draw that," and do a little film directing so to speak. I've never worked that way. It's not that I think I'm the better director, but you give me a script and, just like in the movies, you turn in a screenplay, now let me get behind the camera and tell your story. Scott, understandably so, has never worked with me before, so he was a little nervous. He's handing me his baby — don't want to drop the baby, you know! [Laughs]

So it was a little rough early on, where he was very nervous. I understood and I'd just go, "Let me show you what I'm going to do, and if you don't like it, we can work from there." And it turns out, he loves everything I hand him. Now, our relationship is much more relaxed and he's adapting his writing style around the way I like to work, I'm adapting the way I work around what he likes to do with his work — because it's not cool to make anybody completely change the way they run. He and I are finally starting to get in sync with each other. We're just getting ready to go into the third issue, and as Scott has said himself, we're going to be turning ourselves into a fine-tuned, well-oiled machine. It's working great now.


For the entire interview, including talk about the other members of the team tackling Batman, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batman #1, featuring Capullo's art, hits stores next month.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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