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Vote Us For Best Fansite!!!

We have mentioned this plenty of times on the podcast. For those who don't listen to the podcast and just check the website out, here is your call. We have been nominated for Best Fansite. What...

Music Meister Winners Day 5

Alright the final winners are:   Eli Ganias Steven Esparza   The concludes this contest. Thanks for everyone who sent in an entry. We hope to have another contest very soon. So keep...

Music Meister Winners Day 4

And the winners are…..   Charles Lemon Jr. Zach Betonte   Congratulations. Today is the last day for you to win. So be sure to get your entry in by 11:59PM CST.     Posted...

Music Meister Winners Day 3

Day three winners are:   Xavier Bolanos Robert Lopez   Congratualtions. More winners today and tomorrow.     Posted by Dustin

Music Meister Day 2 Winners

The day two winners are:   Jeff Inman Carleena Manzi   Congratulations!! Be sure to end your entry into contest@thebatmanuniverse.net     Posted by Dustin

Music Meister Day 1 Winners

The first day of the contest has passed. The winners for day one are:   Ryan Agler Dylan Gaviria   Enter for your chance to win today's copies. Good luck!!     Posted by

Big Apple Comic Con Report

Big Apple Comic Con was last weekend in New York. Now while we and most of the mainstream comic media do not consider it a main comic con, there is still a huge amount of people that turnout for the...

Video of the Day: Evolution of Batgirl

  Posted by Stella Bowman

Audio Review: Infinite Crisis: Part 1

We continue the Graphic Audio reviews this month with Infinite Crisis on Earth Part 1. This one has a lot more of Batman than the last one. For this one, I gave it 4.5 out of 5 Batarangs for lots of...

DC Entertainment: What does it mean for Bat-Fans?

               Yesterday, some very big news was announced over at Warner Bros. and DC Comics. If you didn't read the official press release, head over to...

TBU on Twitter?

Well, hell must have frozen over. That's right. Despite my strong persistence to join the craze known as Twitter, we can now be found on the popular site. One of the major reasons we joined was...

Choose TheBatmanUniverse.net for Best Fansite

Just wanted to let everyone know that TheBatmanUniverse.net has a chance to be considered for Best Fansite of the year. Project Fanboy awards various awards every year for different categories. They...

Audio Review: Crisis on Infinite Earths

We kick a new segment where we review Graphic Audio stories. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is basically an audio book. There are some based off of comics and others off novels....

SDCC Contest Details

  Alright Everyone,   As you will hear in this week's normal podcast we are having a huge giveaway for stuff we got when we were in San Diego, but also some other items that we have...

Adam West Broke?

 We posted this up before, but not everyone could see it. Take a look at this funny or die video.     Posted by Dustin