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Behind the Scenes of a DC Super Hero Girls Toy Commercial

Earlier this week, DC Kids took us behind the scenes for a Justice League Action toy commercial. Now we get a chance to see behind the scenes of the DC Super Hero Girls commercial. It’s...

DC Kids: Behind the Scenes of a Justice League Action Toy Commercial

A new video from DC Kids shows off how a commercial was made for the Justice League Action line of toys from Mattel featuring Batman.  

New York Toy Fair 2017: DC Super Hero Girls

The DC Super Hero Girls YouTube account has posted up a new video featuring some of the new toys coming to the DC Super Hero Girls line from Mattel.  

TBU Merch Review: Gentle Giant Batman: The Animated Series Robin 1:6 Jumbo Figure

DC All Access: DC Collectibles Cover Girls Statues

DC All Access has released a new video featuring an interview with Joelle Jones who is the artist behind the DC Collectibles line of Cover Girls statues.      

Hallmark Announces Convention Exclusive Harley Quinn

Hallmark has announced this year’s group of convention exclusives. As in year’s past, Star Trek and Star Wars are joined with an exclusive coming out of the DC Universe. This year’s...

DC Super Hero Joke Book Available Today

Just in time for April Fool’s Day, Downtown Bookworks has released a new book focusing on some lighter elements of the DC Universe. From authors Noah Smith, Sarah Parvis and Michael Robin...

DC Kids: Inside New York Toy Fair

The latest video from DC Kids goes inside New York Toy Fair and shows off new items from LEGO and Mattel.  

DC Collectibles Gives Closer Look at BTAS Batcave

It was just revealed last week that DC Collectibles will be releasing a Batcave vignette including a figure for Alfred based off of the Batman: The Animated Series. Today, they released a detailed...

Toy Fair 2017: DC Collectibles Reveals

Toy Fair is happening this weekend in New York City and DC Collectibles is showing off some of the items they will have on display.  

Fisher Price Unveils More Thomas the Tank Engine DC Super Heroes Minis

What started as a few Comic Con International exclusives, has now become a full line of trains releasing soon. In 2015 and 2016, Mattel and Fisher Price had released mini Thomas the Tank Engine sets...

Hot Toys Reveals Suicide Squad Batman 1/6 Figure

Hot Toys has revealed the first details for their Suicide Squad Batman 1/6th figure. Even though Batman was only in the film for a short time, he is still getting a release in Hot Toys large scale...

LEGO Announces Ultimate Batmobile from LEGO Batman Movie

If you were one of the few fans who happen to see The LEGO Batman Movie last night, you may have noticed a special Batmobile that appears in the climax of the film. This Ultimate Batmobile breaks...

Hot Wheels Batcave Set Revealed

While it may have shown up before today, Hot Wheels sent out an email earlier today showing off a new playset that features the Batcave. The set features the Batman Unlimited theme with a hot rod...

Mattel to Produce Justice League Action Toys

Warner Bros. sent out details earlier today in regards to some of the properties they will be featuring at the two largest international toy fairs this month. While there will be plenty of focus on...

LEGO Announces BrickHeadz

LEGO has announced a new line of sets called BrickHeadz. Technically they were revealed at Comic Con International last year, along with the release of some exclusive sets, but February will see the...

Four New LEGO Batman Sets Revealed

Just when you thought there was already a ton of LEGO Batman Movie sets on shelves with the current number over ten, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed four new sets which will be showcased at New...

LEGO Batman Happy Meal Toys Revealed

  Get ready for more fun associated with the upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie. McDonald’s has announced that beginning around the second week of February, their Happy Meal’s will...

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TBU Merch Review: DC Collectibles Batman v Superman Batman Statue

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Funko’s Legion of Collector’s Box Announces Batman Villains Month

  A new Legion of Collector’s box is coming, which means there is a new theme to be revealed. And this one pertains to The Batman Universe more so than any of the previous themes.  ...

DC All Access: DC Collectibles Statues

The latest video from DC All Access showcases how they bring their statues to life specifically focusing on Joker and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.  

TBU Merch Review: Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad Deadshot

Exclusive Amazon Editions for Suicide Squad Revealed

    Just days after the polarizing release of DC’s third film in their cinematic universe, Warner Brother’s have announced two exclusive  edition blu-ray’s for Suicide Squad....

TBU Merch Review: New Era 59Fifty Batman v Superman Hat

TBU Merch Review: Amazon Exclusive Batman v Superman Batman Statue

First LEGO Batman Movie LEGO Sets Revealed

LEGO has revealed the first two sets via Entertainment Weekly for The LEGO Batman Movie. Each set features a group of villains some of which have never been previously released.     The...

SDCC 2016: DC Collectibles Reveals

DC Collectibles has released a new video showcasing the new products they will reveal at Comic Con this week. Let us know if you are looking forward to any in the comments below.  

TBU Merch Review: Monogram Batman v Superman Keychains