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Batman 3 Update

Awhile back, we at The Batman Universe made a prediction that with the announcement of DC Entertainment, DC was going to be making a big impact on the silver screen in the future. We also said to...

Matt Damon=Two Face?

MTV had the chance to talk with Matt Damon about his role in the upcoming Clint Eastwood film, Invictus. During the interview Damon confirmed that he was up for the role of Two-Face in The Dark...

Danny Devito Talks Penguin

MTV posted a new video today. They talked with Danny Devito about his role in Batman Returns. Nothing newsworthy, but interesting nonetheless.     Posted by Dustin

Morgan Freeman Talks Batman 3

MTV has posted up an interesting video interview with Morgan Freeman. Freeman says that Nolan is thinking of the franchise while he works on Inception.     So what do you think? Sound off...

Video of the Day

So this probably won't happen everyday, but it is something cool to hope that could be done everyday. We start this one off with a fan made trailer of Batman 3. The creator of the trailer calls...

Review: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

A week and a half ago, one of our contacts at Warner Bros. sent over a DVD version of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies for us to review. So what better way to review the film then by posting it the...

Video of the Day

Our ever so favorite reporter from MTV recently interviewed Tim Burton. Do you think the interview did not have some sort of question regarding Batman? Well, if you just thought to yourself,...

Video of the Day

Small clip of Danny Devito talking about Batman 3. From MTV       Posted by Dustin