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OGN Special 2

Join Dustin, Stella, Joe and Don as they review Batman: Noel in time for the holidays.

OGN Special 1

Join Dustin, Don, Joe and Stella as they review Batman: Earth One.

The Dark Knight Rises Special

Join Dustin, Donovan, Melinda, Stella and guest host Sean as they talk about the most-anticipated film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises. The spoiler filled discussion brings talk about the story, comic...

Matthew Modine Interview

  Join Dustin as he interview actor Matthew Modine about his upcoming role as the deputy commissioner in The Dark Knight Rises.  

2011 TBU Awards Show

  Join Dustin, Don, Joe, Stella, Jon and Melinda as they announce the winners of the 2011 TBU Awards.  

TBU Villain Wall Episode 7

  Villains: The Clock King and The Mad Hatter Judgement: Absent and B-List Lawyers: Dustin Fritschel and Jon Roke  

Scott Snyder Interview

  Join Dustin as he interviews Batman comic book writer Scott Snyder about everything from his work on Detective Comics, Batman: Gates of Gotham and Batman to the events that led to the New 52....

DC-The New 52 Special

  Join Dustin with the comic cast's co-hosts Don and Joe, the normal cast's Jon and Melinda, Batgirl-to-Oracle's Stella and the future new co-host of the comic cast Jon Wilson as...

TBU Blooper Show 2011 Part 2

  Nick continues pulling bloopers together in part two of TBU's 2011 Blooper Show.  

TBU Villain Wall Episode 6

  Villains: The White Shark and Clayface Judgement: Absent and Classic Lawyers: Dustin Fritschel and Donovan Grant  

TBU Blooper Show 2011 Part 1

  Nothing is safe from listeners' ears when Nick dives into the first part of the 2011 Blooper Show.  

DC Relaunch Special

  Join Dustin, Josh, Don and Joe as they discuss everything related to the DC Relaunch.  

2010 TBU Award Show

  Join Dustin, Nick, Don, Josh G and Jon as they announce the winners of the 2010 TBU Awards.  

C2E2 2011 Interviews

  Dustin brings the interviews from the 2011 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo including Ryan Benjamin, Chris Burnham, Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins and Tony Daniel.  

TBU Villain Wall Episode 5

Villains: Amygdala and Hush Judgement: Absent and B-List Lawyers: Dustin and Zach

TBU Villain Wall Episode 4

Villains: Film Freak and Ratcatcher Judgement: Gone and Gone Lawyers: Dustin and Zach

TBU Villain Wall Episode 3

  Villains: Bane and Man-Bat Judgement: Classic and B-List Lawyers: Dustin Fritschel and Savannah Adams  

SDCC 2010 Interviews

  Dustin, Apple and Josh bring interviews from San Diego Comic Con including Gregory Noveck, Jim Lee, Denny O'Neil, Chip Kidd, Len Wein, James Tucker, Bruce Timm, Brandon Vietti, Greg...

TBU Villain Wall Episode 2

  Villains: Bronze Tiger and Killer Croc Judgement: Forgotten and B-List Lawyers: Dustin Fritschel and Joshua Lapin-Bertone  

TBU Blooper Show 2010

  Join Nick as he goes through some of the best bloopers from the beginning of The Batman Universe.  

TBU Villain Wall Episode 1

  Villains: Harley Quinn and Maxie Zeus Judgement: B-List and Forgotten Lawyers: Dustin Fritschel and Josh Bertone  

2009 TBU Awards

  Join Dustin, Zach, Apple, Ryan, Humphrey, Josh and Nick as we announce the nominations for the 2009 TBU Awards.  

2009 Holiday Special

  Join Dustin, Apple, Nick, Zach, Josh, Humphrey and Ryan for the The Batman Universe Holiday Special.  

Mike Marts Interview

  Dustin and Apple interview Bat-book group editor Mike Marts.  

Dustin Nguyen Interview II

  Dustin and Apple catch up with Batman artist Dustin Nguyen.  

Call-In Special Part 3

  Dustin, Apple, Josh and Nick wrap up our first call-in show.  

Call-In Special Part 2

  Dustin, Apple, Josh and Nick take calls and answer emails.  

Call-In Special Part 1

  Dustin, Apple, Josh and Nick answer listeners questions.  

SDCC 2009 Interviews

  Dustin and Apple interview a number of people at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con including a Hot Wheels rep, Andrea Romano, James Tucker, Michael Jelenic, Diedrich Bader, Sefton Hill, Stan...

Adam Beechen Interview

  Dustin, Apple and Josh interview writer Adam Beechen about his Batgirl work as well as the future of the character.