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Episode 8: The Mask

What happens when you cross “Fight Club” with “Gotham”? Josh and Stella find out in their coverage of the “Gotham” episode “The Mask”.

Episode 7: Penguin’s Umbrella

Many questions were raised in this week’s episode of “Gotham” and Don, Stella and Josh are here to ponder them. Just how much does Falcone own? What would of happened if Jim had...

Episode 6: Spirit of the Goat

Josh, Don and Stella are back to discuss the latest episode of “Gotham”. Did the absence of Fish, Falcone and Maroni hurt this episode? What was up with that cliffhanger? Where do we go...

Episode 5: Viper

  Join Stella, Josh and Don as they discuss the latest episode of “Gotham”. What does Maroni’s summons have to do with a giant chicken fight? Is Oswald moving too fast? Is Falcone...

Episode 4: Arkham

Join Stella, Don and Josh as they discuss the fourth episode of “Gotham”. Are the Penguin’s cannolis to die for? Does Fish Mooney give a tougher audition than Simon Cowell? How many...

Episode 3: Balloonman

Join Josh, Don and Stella as they discuss the events of “Balloonman”. Did Oswald return to Gotham too soon? Did the balloon science check out? What was up with Barbara’s blunt?...

Episode 2: Selina Kyle

Join Josh, Don and Stella as they looked at the second episode of Fox’s “Gotham”. What did the the gang think of the Dollmaker’s plot and Selina Kyle’s time in the...

Episode 1: Pilot

Join Josh, Stella and Don as they launch the newest podcast from TBU and cover the first episode of Gotham.