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Gotham City Impostors Details

We have received an image from Warner Bros. to show the style of what the characters will appear as in the newly announced Gotham City Imposters.     In addition to this image, IGN has...

BAC: Ginn on the Awesomenss

IGN has posted up a video with Dax Ginn, in which they discuss seventeen reasons why Batman: Arkham City is awesome. More Batman: Arkham City Videos   Posted by Dustin Fritschel

BAC: Arkham City Blueprints

Although these were revealed during Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady has posted the blueprints for Arkham City on the official site.     In addition, IGN has a running competition for the...

BAC: News Bits

There is a couple of minor things to cover for Batman: Arkham City.   First up, there are some rumors online that are stating that Batman: Arkham City has been delayed and will be coming out two...

DCUO: The Make Good Plan

Sony has been hit with a lot of problems recently and for players of DC Universe Online, it looks like they will be getting a gesture of good faith from SOE.   Today, Sony Online Entertainment...

Batman: Arkham Asylum Concept Art

Ever wonder why some characters look the way they do in the comics? What about in Batman Arkham Asylum? I am always interested in knowing why certain characters look the way they do. What was the...