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Arkham Knight Launch Trailer Released

Rocksteady has released the launch trailer ahead of the midnight releases later today for Batman: Arkham Knight.     Tonight everyone will “Be the Batman”.

Latest Arkham Insider Released

The latest episode of Arkham Insider has been released by Rocksteady. The latest episode deals with “Noisy Predator”, some Firefly scene and Batmobile Battle Mode.  

Arkham Knight Limited Edition Now Delayed

It was only a couple of days ago that we told you that WB had scrapped the entire collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham Knight and now reports are coming in from all over the place that the...

DC All Access: Best of E3

DC All Access has released a new video featuring some of the announcements from E3.  

Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Cancelled

With less than a week away from the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have announced that the Collector’s Edition of the game that was set to include the Batmobile...

E3 LEGO Dimensions Trailer Released

The latest trailer for LEGO Dimensions has been released from E3 and it features Batman dealing with Portal themed level.     LEGO Dimensions releases September 27, 2015.

Arkham Knight E3 Footage Plus New TV Spot

So Arkham Knight is just over a week away and E3 just happens to be this week. Even though the majority of the promotional footage has been shown for the game already, that doesn’t mean...

DC All Access: The Arkham Trilogy So Far

The latest video from DC All Access showcases Rocksteady’s story as presented in the first two Arkham games.     Batman: Arkham Knight releases on June 23.

Celebrities Play Arkham Knight

Warner Bros. has posted a new video featuring a variety of celebrities playing and describing Batman: Arkham Knight. Some of the celebrities include the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy and Troy...

New Arkham Knight Videos Featuring Red Hood and NVIDIA GameWorks

A couple of new videos have pooped online for Batman: Arkham Knight. The first one was presented by NVIDIA and showcases some of the enhanced features that users will be able experience while playing...

New LEGO Dimensions Clip Featuring Batman

Well, E3 is a week away and this is the time of the year where we get tons of news related to video games. No exception would be LEGO Dimensions, which shared a new video called “When Monkeys...

Arkham Insider #5 Released

Rocksteady has released the latest episode of Arkham Insider featuring gameplay of the game focusing on Gotham. The episode rounds out with some fan questions and a giveaway.  

DC All Access: In-Depth with LEGO Dimensions

The latest video from DC All Access all about LEGO Dimensions with an in-depth look at the game with producer Doug Heder and associate producer Mark Warburton.  

Flashpoint Batman Skin for Arkham Knight Revealed

The latest news regrading Batman: Arkham Knight comes from Xbox. The Flashpoint Batman skin is exclusive to season pass purchases on the Xbox One. IT also is worth noting that the release date is...

New Arkham Knight Trailer Features Harley DLC

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight featuring the Harley Quinn DLC. The DLC pack is available for everyone who pre-orders the game ahead of its release...

New LEGO Dimensions Trailer Showcases Build and Rebuild

A new trailer for LEGO Dimensions has released and this time it focuses on the ability to build each vehicle and gadget once and then rebuild it in two other different ways and still be able to use...

First Look at Red Hood in Arkham Knight

GameStop has started to air a new commercial showing off the Red Hood DLC that is exclusive to GameStop customers who pre-order the game.     Batman: Arkham Knight releases June 23 on...

Latest Arkham Insider Episode Released

The latest Arkham Insider has released and this time around the focus is all about the Batmobile. Game director, Sefton Hill, talks about why the vehicle was added to the game along with the gadgets...

New Hi-Res Screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkhamverse has shown off some new screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight that showcase a variety of characters.  

DC All Access: Arkham Knight’s Side Missions

DC All Access has released a new video featuring an interview with Batman: Arkham Knight’s Dax Ginn talking about the side missions in the game that show off the Rogue’s Gallery called...

New Arkham Knight Gameplay Video Released

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have released a new game play video called ‘Time to go to War’ following the events from the previous released ‘Officer Down’ video. The new video...

Arkham Knight PS4 Bonus Content Featured in New Video

Sony has released a new video featuring some of the exclusives that will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 before it comes to the other systems. The bonus content was revealed almost two months ago....

Gotham’s Future Skin Pack Revealed for Arkham Knight

Warner Bros. has revealed a new set of skins for Batman: Arkham Knight. This set features both Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns. The set will be available to everyone who pre-order the game.

Arkham Insider #3 Released

Rocksteady has released the latest Arkham Insider episode that focuses on the characters appearing in the game along with answering some fan questions.  

Arkham Knight “Be the Batman” Trailer Released

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have released a new trailer in the vein of the Call of Duty franchise by making it live action. Take a look at the trailer and see of you can spot the easter eggs...

New LEGO Dimensions Trailer Plus New Packs Revealed

Warner Bros. has released the latest LEGO Dimensions trailer this time featuring Christopher Loyd reprising his role as Doc Brown from Back to the Future. The trailer also showcases some more of the...

Arkham Insider Episode 2 Released

Rocksteady has released the second episode of Arkham Insider. This time around, they focus on the dual play feature.  

DC All Access: Arkham Knight Characters Revealed So Far

DC All Access has posted a new video showcasing all of the characters that have been revealed to appear in Batman: Arkham Knight. Watch the video and see if there were any that you missed so far....

Arkham Knight to Get Serious Edition

If you thought WB Games and Rocksteady were done with the announcements of versions of the game coming out, you were wrong.   Previously the normal game was announced and two special editions at...

Rocksteady Releases Arkham Insider Episode

Rocksteady has released a new video talking with the team behind the game. They take an inside look at the latest trailer released.   There is a lot of things discussed including the dual play...