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New Writer for Catwoman in March 2014?

Not many fans are very happy with Ann Nocenti's (writer) work on Catwoman. Most fans are not even reading the issues anymore and are just content with seeing Catwoman make appearances on other DC or Batman books. For instance Forever Evil is not doing great wonders with the character, but fans can appreciate the character's role in the current DC crossover event.


According to Bleeding Cool, it is rumored that Sholly Fisch (writer of  All New Batman) might be the next writer for Catwoman coming in March 2014. Fisch's recent work with DC was in 2011 when he wrote back-ups for Grant Morrison's Action Comics. Fisch is a veteran who will know how to channel the core essence of Catwoman's character on the pages. Especially, since the character has now become more of a hero and less of a anti-hero with the New 52 launch. Here is a bit of a desciptive synopsis for Catwoman #29 that will involve Fisch's issue.


Written by Sholly Fisch, with art by Patrick Olliffe and Tom Nguyen and a cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

In this story, Catwoman goes undercover via Gotham City's high society when she's recruited to inflitrate Wayne Tech! But what-or-who is lurking within?


Posted by Kristina Collins

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