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Catwoman #23 Sells Out


Whether you love or hate the book, Catwoman #23 has reportedly sold out. That fact begs the question of why it sold out since the book hasn't been the greatest thing hitting the shelves. It supposedly sold out because it will be the first appearance of Joker's Daughter who will take center stage in the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 "Joker's Daughter" issue for DC Comic's Villain's Month which will also be written by Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti and will take place in September.


Also, pre-sale issues for the special 3-D cover for The Dark Knight Villain's Month issue are already priced at $30 on eBay.


Catwoman #23 written by Ann Nocenti is out now and Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 "Joker's Daughter", also written by Nocenti, will hit shelves on September 23 2013.


Posted by Dane Haji

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3 thoughts on “Catwoman #23 Sells Out

  1. Terence

    I wonder if it sold out because people just want to read it or are they thinking it will go up in value. #25 is written by Jon Layman is he the new writer or a guest writer? Hope the book will improve, Catwoman deserves better. 

  2. Terence

    I went on a day trip to Greensboro NC with my family ( about an hour and a half from where I live) Went into a comic book store there, one I had never been in but it was pretty cool. It was called "Parts Unknown" They had two copies of Catwoman 23 so I picked one up. The last Catwoman I read (or tried to read) was the Court of Owls tie in. This issue was much better, not good but better. It was co-written by Scott McDaniel which may have been the reason. We will have to talk about it on the next Bat Fans podcast. 

  3. Rob

    it cant be because it's good… can it?. i think it's because the Joker's daughter has alot to do with it.. not Catwoman, if she was to be in lets say Green Arrow then i think that book would have sold out… as they say the proof will be in the pudding.


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