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CCI 2012: DC Comics: Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls

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DC Comics held their Batman panel today and TBU was there ti cover all of the happenings in The Batman Universe. Bob Wayne moderated the panel that included Batman Group Editor Mike Marts, Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, Gail Simone, James Tynion IV, J.H. Williams III, Scott Lobdell, Gregg Hurwitz, David Finch, John Layman and editor Rachel Gluckstern. Attendees of the panel receives a plastic Court of Owls mask. Here are the highlights:


-Nightwing #0 will focus on how Dick Grayson became Robin
-Nightwing #13-14 will be written by Tom DeFalco and introduce Lady Shiva to the New 52
-Nightwing #15-16 will feature Joker tie-in issues with Higgins returning to write
-Ed Benes will become the regular artist on Batgirl starting with issue #13
-Batwoman #0 will focus on Kate's father and his history on learning of Batwoman
-Batman Incorporated #0 will focus on the creation of the team instead of individual characters
-John Layman stated that despite the first story arc in his Detective run is entitled Emperor Penguin, he promised it isn't the Penguin story you expect by using one-off issues
-Kenneth Rocafort designed a new costume of Dick Grayson's Robin for Nightwing #0
-A question was asked about the second volume of Widening Gyre to which was answered with " We are not ready to publish it yet"


More panels today, so stay tuned.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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