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CCI 2012: DC Comics: Young Justice

DC Young Justice


The first panel of the day focuses on the younger characters within the DC Universe including The Batman Universe's Tim Drake. Representing the Bat-books was Scott Lobdell. Here are the highlights from the panel.


-Teen Titans #0's story focuses the majority of the issue on Tim Drake.
-Tim's origin has changed and he has never been Robin. He has only ever been Red Robin.
-Jason is going to be involved in the Joker crossover, so Red Hood and the Outlaws will focus on the other characters.
-Red Hood will be getting a new costume in the near future.
-Tim came up with the name Teen Titans from a comic book he read as a kid.


One last comics panel before we round out the weekend with the DC Nation panel. Check back later for details.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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