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CCI 2012: DC Nation Screening and Q&A

DC Nation


The last panel from San Diego takes us to the television side of The Batman Universe. While there is already TBU characters appearing in Young Justice, there is the upcoming Beware the Batman that will premiere in 2013 as well. Throw in Teen Titans and TBU is everywhere when it comes to DC Nation. Here are the highlights from the panel.


A number of new shorts were shown for DC Nation including an anime style Catwoman that also starred Batman and Bane.


A new trailer was shown for Young justice which showed very quick shots of Static and Deathstroke. Tim Drake was also shown in some action sequences.


A lot of talk was about Beware the Batman. Katana who wants her story told. Batman is more proactive and can't turn off his need to fight crime, so much so that he eats and sleeps as little as possible. There will be a large focus on Batman's tools, gadgets and vehicles and how they all fit together to aide Batman. Alfred was compared to Sean Connery in his thirties. He trains and works with Bruce. The show takes place between five and six years into Batman's career. A number of Batman's lesser known rogues were shown, most of whom have already been announced previously. They did show Metamorpho which teased at the possibility of the Outsiders. As far as the voices behind the characters; Batman is Anthony Ruivivar, Sumalee Montano is Katana, J.B. Blanc as Alfred and Kurtwood Smith as Gordon.


Teen Titans Go will be slightly different than the previous series. The design will be the middle between the shorts and the series.


During the Q&A session these were the highlights:


-They are looking to do something with the Beyond characters.
-The Batgirl short in the finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold was something that was created by Lauren Montgomery for a potential direct-to-video.
-No plans for any Robin's to show up in Beware the Batman. Katana is not a sidekick in the show.


That is all from San Diego for this year. Be sure to check back for news every day.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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