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CCI 2012: DC: The New Wave

DC Comics


The first panel of the day focuses on the new wave of titles hitting shelves in September. Talon is among those titles. Scott Snyder, Mike Marts and James Tynion IV represented the Bat-Books. Here are the highlights.


-The Talon series will dive into more of Gotham City's history.
-Dan Didio confirmed that Stephanie Brown will not be in Smallville Season 11. "If we're going to introduce a character into the 'Smallville' world, I want them to be the most iconic versions like Barbara Gordon or Dick Grayson, and maybe down the road we can do more."
-Tynion stated that Batman and Nightwing will most likely appear in the new series within the first year.
-James Gordon Jr. will be fleshed out post-New 52 in Simone's Batgirl.
-Justice League International won't be appearing anytime soon, but Batwing will be.
-Tim Drake will be appearing a lot more in Gotham and in the upcoming Joker crossover.


More news to come from DC today, so stay tuned!


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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