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CCI 2012: Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership



The Mattel/DC panel just finished and there was a ton of news related to The Batman Universe. Batman t-shirts and Batman action figures from the new evergreen line were handed out to attendees. Here are the highlights from the panel.


-The Dark Knight Movie Masters line will only feature six figures. There are three exclusives in the line. Bat-signal shattered Gordon at WalMart. Vehicle Blueprints Batman at KMart. Batman vs. Bane 2-pack at Toys 'R Us.
-There is a game online at http://dcnation.kidswb.com/gotham-city-crisis that features the QuickTek figures from The Dark Knight Rises line.
-Three vehicles will be released as part of the Movie Masters line and will be exclusive to Toys 'R Us.
-There will be a Dark Knight trilogy 3-pack released at Toys 'R Us featuring a Batman from each film.
-The final mix of DC Universe Classsics will feature Batman in the New 52 costume and Red Robin.
-Batman Legacy will become Batman Unlimited. DC Universe Classics will become DC Comics Unlimited.
-Batman Unlimited wave one will feature New 52 Batgirl, Super Powers Penguin and Batman.
-Figures based off Injustice: Gods Among Us will hit in 2013.
-Lots of info about the recently released Batman evergreen line was shown including the concepts for the new Batmobile.
-Power Action Batman line will release Joker and Bane in 2013.
-Fall 2013 will debut the first 1960's Batman action figures in retail and will be 6".
-Adam West Batman will be among the first released.


That's all the merchandise news. Be sure to check back tomorrow for all of the booth images including images of some of the announced items.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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