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CCI 2013: Mattel and DC Panel



During the Mattel DC panel today, there was a number of new items revealed. Here is a summary of the items that include The Batman Universe.


The Batman '66 line was talked about. The Catwoman 6" figure is based off of Julie Newmar and will be in scale with Batman. The Batmobile from the show will be released as a Toys 'R Us exclusive. While the Barbie version of Catwoman from the show is available at Comic Con, there are plans for a Catwoman and Batman release in the future in stores.


The future of the DC lines will change in 2014. The current lines will end at the end of 2013 and in 2014 two new lines will start.


The first is called DC Comics Multiverse which will feature 4" figures from movies, video games and comics. Each wave will consist of six figures. The first wave will feature characters from the Arkham games. It will include from Batman: Arkham City Mr. Freeze, Azrael, Batman and Armored Edition Batman. From Batman: Arkham Origins Deadshot and Bane will be included. The second wave will be based on moives and will feature the Michael Keaton Batman. More reveals should be announced at New York Comic Con.


The other line of DC figures will be called Total Heroes. The figures will be 6" tall. There is ten figure planned to be released in 2014 among them including Batman. The figures will include accessories and soft capes. There will also be Matty Collector exclusives for this line with more accessories and interchangeable body parts.


Beware the Batman was mentioned, but it was only stated that they will have a place sometime in 2014.


The final part of the panel was a fan choice of which figure they would like to be part of the Total Heroes line. Among the choices was Batman Beyond.


Be sure to look for pictures for the Mattel booth soon for some of the revealed items.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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