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SDCC 2015: WB Panel w/ Batman v Superman?

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Over the weekend, the schedule for Saturday and Sunday was released for Comic Con International. Among the panels announced was the large Warner Bros. panel in Hall H. Now if you were looking for a glimpse at to what to expect during the panel, you are in for a letdown. The official description for the panel is:


A “sneak peek” at a few upcoming releases from Warner Bros.


Yep. That was it. While this panel is expected to be the major focus for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hype, there have been a number of other rumors that have been floating around as to what else could be shown. Suicide Squad, which is still filming, may have some sort of footage shown. Images of some of the other members of the Justice League could be shown. And one rumor that continues to gain steam online recently, is that the new Green Lantern(s?) could be announced.


Also worth noting is that there was an announcement that was sent out from TBS that Conan O’Brien will be at Comic Con this year filming a number of special episodes in San Diego. What is worth noting is that Conan will be having a number of high-profile projects featured including a number of the main cast from each of the projects including The Walking Dead, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. But what is listed for the Saturday show is most interesting.


In addition, the show will welcome a special surprise cast from an upcoming film to be unveiled in San Diego.


Could the surprise cast be from Batman v Superman? We know that the WB presentation is also Saturday and since the panel has no description could it be that the cast with no description could also be the same group. It is worth noting that Conan’s show is part of Warner Bros. and Conan has revealed things in the past for DC including the release of the Batman ’66 complete series.


So be sure to stay tuned for more info on both the panel and the episode of Conan. Both will happen on Saturday, July 11.

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