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Chip Kidd Talks Death by Design

Batman: Death by DesignChip Kidd is known in The Batman Universe for creating some great books related to the dark knight. When Kidd himself announced on his Twitter account that he would have the chance to write Batman in the pages of the comic books, one could only imagine what readers would get. In a nod to his notoriety as a designer, the title of the future graphic novel is called Batman: Death by Design. Newsarama had a chance to ask Kidd some questions about his upcoming project.


On his portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne:


Both Batman and Bruce Wayne play equal parts in Batman: Death By Design. I’ve always liked the idea that there were certain things Batman can do that Bruce Wayne cannot, with the opposite being true as well. Bruce can do things out in the world Batman never could. One I firmly re-established those two facets in my head, I was able to think about how he might address a certain situation or character from those angles.


On his addition to Batman's rogues gallery:


The villain I invented is named Exacto, with the concept of him being an architectural critic as a Batman villain. I wanted to make him a bit sympathetic while still being villainous, emerging as an anti-hero of sorts.


For the entire interview, including how Dave Taylor was attached to the project, head over to Newsarama. Batman: Death by Design is set for release in 2012.


Posted by Dustin Robinson

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