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Choose TheBatmanUniverse.net for Best Fansite

Just wanted to let everyone know that TheBatmanUniverse.net has a chance to be considered for Best Fansite of the year. Project Fanboy awards various awards every year for different categories. They range from anywhere from Best Comic Artist to Best Storyline. Well, I have been informed that TheBatmanUniverse.net is on their ballot for voting for nominations. Now what does this mean? Our site is being considered among some sites that have been on the web for years. This is a great honor, but even more, it is a huge way to grow the community for fans. Nominations are being accepted now until the end of October. All you have to do is head over to Project Fanboy here, and vote for who you believe should be nominated in the different categories. At the very bottom is the category for Best Fansite. The Batman Universe is on the list for your choice. So head over and vote now. Just another way to get more fans over to the site that you all love.




Posted by Dustin

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  • BIFF! POW! With the launch of Mattel’s 60’s inspired toy line we HAD to create this short! More info in the description 🙂 Let me know if you think this is worthy of a post and if you need anything else!


    Batman Stop Motion Intro (1966)