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Chris Burnham Talks Batman Inc

Last week saw the release of Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes, a one-shot that originally planned as two single issues in the first volume of Batman Incorporated long before the New 52 hit stores. With continuity changes and delays, the two issues were reworked into the one-shot. Chris Burnham was a part of the one-shot and will also be the artist on the second volume of Batman Incorporated. Comic Book Resources talked to Burnham about his work on the one-shot as well as the upcoming series.


Batman Incorporated: Leviathan StrikesCBR: You'll be continuing on with the next iteration of "Batman Incorporated." Are you well into that series now? Are these "Leviathan" pages something you haven't touched in a while?


Chris Burnham: It has not been that long. It's only been four weeks maybe since I finished the last one. Take that as you will.


CBR: They haven't solicited the first issue of "Batman Inc's" return yet…


Chris Burnham: That will be coming soon! I know the answer, but I don't think I'm allowed to say. It's not as soon as people want, but we're working hard on it, and it's coming.


CBR: But the #1 question I've seen from people online when the New 52 came out was "What does this do to Grant's Batman story?" since it is built so much on what's come before. What can you say about the impact, if any, that the relaunch has had on his plans and your work?


Chris Burnham: Well, for the second volume of "Incorporated" there are little changes like Catwoman not knowing who Batman is anymore or Batgirl being able to walk or Commissioner Gordon having red hair now. But all that stuff doesn't really matter in terms of the "Batman Vs. Leviathan" storyline. I've read the story notes and the first couple of scripts, and it's a brand new Batman adventure with new villains and new characters. And the stuff that's coming back from the first volume is the core Batman members versus the forces of Leviathan. I think it's hopefully going to dodge the question of the weird continuity problems. Hopefully we'll be able to dodge that entirely. [Laugher] So when Grant's full Batman run is completely done, you'll be able to read it all from start to finish and the "Flashpoint" thing won't even register. That's my hope.


For the entire interview, including talk about using the art styles of past Batman Incorporated artists, head over to Comic Book Resources. Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes is in stores now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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